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Welcome to the DScheck.com.

Hi, I'm David Schechterly. Welcome to my site.

This is my personal site and here you'll find all things me. Projects I'm working on, projects I want to work. Information on the things I love, collect, or I'm just curious about.

Basically, this site is a depository of anything and everything I want to preserve and share with my friends on the web and the world in general. Relax, explore and get to know me through my interests here at DScheck.com.

JOML on the Web!



You can now play JOML updates in your browser! Just click on the link below. Browser support is still being tested. So far Goggle Chrome and Mozilla Foxfire look good.

JOML Web Version

Seems Microsoft Explorer has some issues. We're working on it and hope to have it corrected soon.

This JOML update is just a browser test using the new engine and the web version is minimal at this time.

You can still get the latest downloadable windows updates directly from the JOML section.

JOML Section Added



JOML is a retro dungeon crawler created with RPG Maker VX Ace and Ruby. The game merges many of the classic systems of traditional Japanese RPGs with the old school western style dungeon crawler.

Just One More Level is in early Alpha. That being said I have enough of the game mechanics in place to realease free versions as I add to the game.

Head on over to the JOML section of the site and download the most recent release.

New Desktops Added


Retro Dots 1 Free Desktop

Added 5 desktops to the Freestuff Page.

Retro Dots 1 Free Desktop Retro Dots 1 Free Desktop

Retro Dots 1 Free Desktop Retro Dots 1 Free Desktop

My Comics Section Added


I'm going to be listing my collections here on DScheck.com. The My Comics section is the first to be added. The entire collection isn't going to be listed all at once. With regular updates I will get the a full listing up over time.

Not only will these area feature items in my collection it will list items I'm looking to add and items I have to sell. If your looking to trade, sell, or buy hit the link on the left.

2014's Halloween Facebook cover and Profile Pic!



2014 Halloween Facebook Cover Image

Halloween Eyes

This years Halloween freebie. A facebook cover image featuring a creepy sinster eyestheme. As a bonus I created a Facebook Profile Picture to match. Feel free to download them from the Freebies Page.

Total Amazement!



DScheck's Dice Roller

Can you find your way through the maze? How many moves will it take you? Grab your pencil and graph paper and find out.

Total Amazement is a simple game with Maze 001 created using only HTML and CSS. More maze are coming soon and with the use of javascript the possiblities are endless.

Dice Roller v.001!



DScheck's Dice Roller

It isn't pretty but it is functional, a lot like me.

DScheck's Dice Roller is a simple RPG dice roller. The program lets you roll upto 99 d4s, d6s, d8s, d10s, d12s, or d20s.

I'll be expanding the program and making it look better in the near future. Plans are to include percentile rolls, simple odd or even rolls, coin flips, and custom user rolls with modifiers.

Free Desktop Added


Retro Dots 1 Free Desktop

Added a free desktop to the Freestuff Page.

Freestuff Page Added


Retro Dots 1 Free Desktop

Added a free desktop to the Freestuff Page.

First Offerings


The first things I'll offer here on DScheck.com are few easy to follow tutorials. These tutorials will help you install some of the best FREE programs the web has to offer.

    Downloading and Installing DarkBasic Pro
  • Downloading and Installing Paint.net
  • Downloading and Installing OpenOffice

I'll start posting these in the next week. Add DScheck to your favorites and check back to see the site develop.

Total Amazement

Total Amazement

Just One More Level