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Welcome to the DScheck.com.

Hi, I'm David Schechterly. Welcome to my site.

This is my personal site and here you'll find all things me. Projects I'm working on, projects I want to work. Information on the things I love, collect, and just curious about.

Basically, this site is a depository of anything and everything I want to preserve and share with my friends on the web and the world in general. So, relax, explore and get to know me through my interests here at DScheck.com.

Free Desktop Added


Added a free desktop to the Freestuff Page.

Retro Dots 1 Free Desktop

Freestuff Page Added


Added the Freestuff Page and a free desktop.

Retro Dots 1 Free Desktop

Links Page Added


Added the links page and four links to the libary.

First Offerings


The first things I'll offer here on DScheck.com are few easy to follow tutorials. These tutorials will help you install some of the best FREE programs the web has to offer.

    Downloading and Installing DarkBasic Pro
  • Downloading and Installing Paint.net
  • Downloading and Installing OpenOffice

I'll start posting these in the next week. Add DScheck to your favorites and check back to see the site develop.